Patient testimonials

I planned to spend my retirement years playing golf, hunting and fishing, but the nerve damage in my neck made it almost impossible to do any of those things, even occasionally. Three surgeries brought little or no relief from the chronic pain I had suffered form for many years. It was my belief that I would never be free from the pain that consumed my everyday life. Than I was referred to Dr. V for pain management.

Dr. V found the best solution to relieve my chronic pain. Cooled Radio Frequency Ablation has offered me the most relief I’ve had in years. Thank to Dr. V and this remarkable procedure I can once again enjoy my life instead of watching it pass by me. Dr. V gave me my life back.

- Bill

“Want to be pain free?
See Dr. V!”



I met Dr. Vujicic, better known as Dr. V in the winter of 2003. He is very compassionate and demonstrates this by taking as much time as needed to diagnose my individual pain issues. Dr. V has implanted a neuro-stimulator that utterly gave my me life back! My quality of life is greater that it has been in many years. He has accomplished that by injections and medications along with the neuro-stimulator. I thank God he is my doctor.

- Byron